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    HDD No Worky Posted at 14:46 by Eric

    For some reason or another, Shana's HDD blew up. I highly suspect it was purely because the warranty on her laptop expired 2 weeks ago (really, it did). It may also be because she just started teaching, as well as having begun a new grad class, and she needs her laptop for both of these every day. Either is a possibility, and each fairly evil.

    On an unrelated note, it reminds me that I may want to perform backups a bit more often than I had been (2 months). But anyways...

    Using Gentoo on both computers is nice. We tried an experiment with her using Mandrake that didn't go well at all. We each hated it for our own reasons. She found it abhorred to use, especially it's method of organizing the menu's, amongst other things. I really disliked administering it. And we both disliked the amount of packages available to it.

    But, it would be nice to give her a distro that would be a bit simpler for her to make use of.

    So, maybe it's time to try out Ubuntu -- it uses GNOME, which she likes. It's Debian-ish, which I like. And it has lots of packages, which we both like.

    They say it's easy to use. We'll soon see -- I left the install CD sitting on top of her laptop, with the instructions "Install Me!", along with these three points:

    • Power on and Insert CD
    • Choose Wired, not wireless (she's used to wireless, but I hooked up a cable... she may not realized how large the speed difference is)
    • It's okay to erase the hard disk (she may not know that there's absolutally nothing on the current drive)

    That's all the help I gave. She gets home before me. I'm curious how far she'll get by then. I'll report back :-)

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